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Establishing an online presence with an architectural flare

C-Concept Corporation is a customized design and building company based out of the Boston area. Their goal is to create with innovation, functionality, and beauty in every project.

Since 1999, C-Concept Corporation has been building and growing its customer base through in-person means and word-of-mouth. With no existing site, they reached out to us to establish an online presence that felt as architecturally sound as their business.

Our approach

Through architectural design elements and sophisticated functionality, we were able to create a site that represented the innovation C-Concept puts into each of their projects. Knowing visuals and testimonials were key to their success, we showcased their work by creating a robust portfolio showcasing their work.

Full-page experience

Designing websites built around minimalist photography with little content that feel unique and engaging poses an interesting challenge.

We chose to use a full-page slideshow format for this site, allowing us to be especially deliberate with our layouts. Images and text animate for added visual interest, and we employ creative cutouts that hint toward the careful precision of C-Concept’s work. To complete the experience, we created the menu and contact form as full-page dialogs with exciting animations.