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Redesigning a welcoming web presence for a leading Oregon treatment program

CODA is one of Oregon’s largest and longest-running not-for-profit substance use treatment organizations. Operating 14 programs at ten different sites, CODA helps people start and sustain their journey to recovery.

CODA approached us seeking a new website that better represents their mission, is easier to navigate for all of their varied audiences, and is highly flexible to accommodate their future growth.

Our Approach

Organization for varied audiences

CODA’s primary frustration with their previous site was that their visitors had difficulty finding content relevant to them. Solving this problem was a significant challenge because CODA serves many diverse audiences – potential patients and their advocates, donors and partners, prospective staff members, and research collaborators are all important groups seeking different information.

To best reach all of these audiences, we conducted a brand and audience discovery workshop and an extended sitemapping/wireframing phase. We significantly reorganized the site to bring important audience-specific content to the forefront and created clear navigation beacons that give each main audience a direct way to access the information most important to them.

Emphasizing approachability

Above all, we wanted CODA’s new site to feel approachable, for all their audiences, and in particular for potential patients that may be intimidated to start treatment. CODA’s green and black brand colors are very bold, so we introduced a rounded corner motif and a lighter green to help soften the visual experience, and added gentle fade-in animations to add visual interest without being overbearing.

We reinforced this approachability in the content, affirming CODA’s commitment to providing compassionate, non-judgmental care. We pulled selections of text that clearly convey CODA’s philosophy to visitors to serve as section introductions and incorporated testimonials from patients and staff that add a human connection to the message.

Future flexibility

CODA’s last main request was for their new site to be flexible enough to continue supporting them as they evolve. We aim for all of our sites to be as flexible as possible (while limiting opportunities to ‘break’ the site), but we went above and beyond for CODA, creating a library of nearly 40 flexible sections. This flexibility enables CODA to easily add nearly all content they can imagine, and display it in layouts that are strongly consistent with their overall design style.

Ongoing support

Post-launch, we continue to work with CODA on a retainer basis to support their marketing efforts. We provide design and technical support for the following:

  • Event signage, invites, and program design
  • Location signage, flyers, and brochure design
  • Fillable PDF form creation
  • Services guides design
  • Business cards and letterhead design
  • T Shirt design
  • Website content updates
  • Website hosting and maintenance

“I use Myna Design for ongoing support at the large nonprofit I work for, and they are outstanding. Prompt and professional communication, crisp and stylish design work, and robust and conscientious technical infrastructure support. In addition, we recently had them shepherd the development and redesign of our website–a significant project that involved many moving parts, from broad concepts to intricate detail work. They handled everything beautifully. I cannot recommend them highly enough!”

Pat Janowski