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Creating a vintage-inspired identity for a growing fry company

Jefferson Fry Co. is all about the fries! Originally a food truck in Ireland in the 80’s, Jefferson Fry Co. was relaunching as a fast-casual restaurant in Connecticut and needed a fresh visual identity to reach a new customer base.

They came to us looking for a comprehensive branding suite, including a new logo, menu designs, soda labels, and a website to celebrate their new restaurant opening.

Brand identity

Logo design

We chose a new vintage font and design characteristics to call back to the Irish heritage of the Jefferson Fry brand, but kept the design light and lively for their new modern audience. We also suggested using the abbreviated ‘J. Fry Co.’ and created a set of fun alternative logos to use on social media.

Establishing a design language

With logos approved, we began codifying our new design language. We picked a block letter font accented with bold background colors to project confidence paired with a background texture that feels lived-in, recalling the cart the new brick-and-mortar gets its name from. We also created graphics representing the fry shapes Jefferson makes to use as playful accents.

Our website approach

To introduce this new business venture, we aimed for our landing page to be as streamlined as possible. We made a unique slanted banner header that ties into the angles in the logo to grab attention, shifting into place as the user scrolls to provide a memorable interaction and showcase our alternate ‘J. Fry Co.’ branding. The menu is presented in a flexible format that displays neatly on all devices, and we use a bold ‘Find Us’ call-to-action to direct visitors to the location and hours.

This landing page provided a strong expression of the new brand identity and promoted investment – in the years since, Jefferson Fry Co. has expanded to four locations!