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Elevating old branding to new heights

For over 20 years, Jeremy Rhodes Construction has been creating high-quality long-lasting roofs with exceptional customer experience.

Tired of their old branding, JRC came to us for a new logo design and website. Not only did the look and feel of the website need to be updated, but they also needed better ways to highlight their services, projects, and satisfied customers.

Logo design

Jeremy Rhodes Construction wanted their new logo to feel professional and elevated. We designed a wordmark with a symbol of a roof that is more rigid and representative of the durability of their work. Complimentary to the wordmark, we incorporated a script monogram of their initials for a high end feel.

For their colors, we chose orange for its high visibility and representation in construction, and balanced that with subtle earthy tones. The final result is a versatile logo that can be used with or without the monogram, in full color, black, or white, depending on the application.

Our website approach

Content expansion

JRC’s previous site had fairly little content beyond basic descriptions of their services, so one of our primary goals was expanding these content areas. Our new Services page includes more complete descriptions of their main offerings, and we added pages that highlight their Commercial and Residential services with galleries of featured projects.

Line motif

The lined roof design in the logo inspires this site’s most unique elements. We incorporated this line motif into the first sections on most pages to visually tie together with the logo alongside precise overlapping that recalls the precision clients can expect from JRC’s work. This line also appears within most of the smaller elements on the site – explore for yourself to find them all!


Among JRC’s greatest content assets are the glowing testimonials from previous customers. We incorporated our favorites throughout the site to instill customer confidence, including schema markup to help with SEO. We also integrated the Google Business Profile API so their future reviews are automatically highlighted on the site.